The General Amusic Composer
Psychology of:
-Has VERY low self-esteem
-Is very bitter in his/her craving for more recognition
-Believe's that he/she should be automatically recognized without hard work
-Idolizes conductors and soloists

-Doesn't take the audience seriously

Observations of:
-Attempted to write tonal music, was unsatisfied, gave in and settled with writing amusic
-Has a very bad ear. Struggled very hard to get a good mark in his ear training course, and even then, got a mark of under 80%
-Does not have a favorite composer
-Does not have a favorite genre
-Believes: "There is so much great music out there."
-Greatly overuses extreme words like "Brilliant", "Genius", "Breathtaking"
-Uses uncommon words like "sparkling", "eroneous"
-Considers soloists and conductors to be artists
-Is University Educated
-Says, "I'm very busy" so often that it is apparent he/she isn'tbusy at all.
-Has many acquaintances and no friends
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