Why is it that one plus one equals two? Experts can only give an example: "If you take one apple and add another apple, you have two apples." An example is certainly not proof. The question was, WHY does one plus one necassarily equal two, and not three. Why not take it a step further and ask, "Why does one necassarily equal one, and not two, or three?" There is no reason, only examples. The conventional mathematics though unproven is simply accepted. Anything can be accepted, and so there is absolutely every reason to expand and create new mathematical forms. Amathematics is one of these new forms. Amathematics is based on the new principle that any number can be constantly changed into any other number. Here are some examples:
Simple Math
An Algebraic Equation
2X=4x25, 2X=100, 2X=548, 3X=3X, therefore x=23.2
This revolutionary new Math form could lead to discoveries which would have been impossible with conventional math theory, such as teleportation, time travel, shrinking, and even invisiblility.

If Amusic is logically acceptable, then so is Amathematics.

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