Contemporary Classical Music Allegations
Concerning the Evolution of Music: the Sensical Music Techniques which once filtered the Noise, thus also the Mediocrities out, restricting renown to the Geniuses, were gradually replaced by Nonsensical Music Techniques which filtered the Music, thus also the Geniuses out, restricting renown to the Mediocrities. We have appropriately named music that uses these Nonsensical Techniques Amusic. Amusic came into beng because of The Notorious Urge of the Mediocrity to be a Genius. Amusic- though Consistently and Completely Unapppreciated by the Mass- has today become Exclusively the Conventional Orchestral Form. There are a wealth of Hard Facts Which Legitamize Most of Our Allegations. There are no holes in Amusic, because holes require substance around them. It is better to say that Amusic is itself a hole, in society, where great music would be. (This incidentally provides a new explanation as to why the public has no knowledge of Amusicís existence). For once, let us not underestimate The Importance of Art to Society.




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